White German Shepherd Care, Health, Character and size

The white German shepherd is a beautiful dog that stands out for its elegance and nobility in addition to having other important skills such as an animal for work due to its excellent physical consistency and intelligence.

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How is the White German Shepherd?

There are numerous popular beliefs about this breed that deserve to be clarified. One of them is that it is an albino race, something totally false since its unique snow color is due to certain genetic factors important.

It is also known as the White Swiss Shepherd. recognized as an independent breed by the FCI in 2011, although provisionally it would have received this recognition in 2002, but in 2011 it was more official.

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A Beautiful Animal

The white German shepherd is a beautiful animal that has physical characteristics that make it stand out. Its beautiful fur, its snow-white color, its size, robustness and temperament are just some of the factors that make this pet an unparalleled option to acquire.

Origin of the white race in German shepherds

The origin of the white German shepherd is the same as that of the common german shepherd that we all know. Its origin dates back to the 19th century when an important search began in order to find a breed of dog that would be able to adequately protect the rams since they were constantly besieged by packs of wolves that destroyed them.

The First Training They Received

In view of this, Maximilian von Stephanitz, a captain in the German army, was the first to acquire one of them in order to train it properly. Over the years He took for himself many more specimens in order to carry out with them this same task.

His main objective was to ensure that these beautiful animals had a more functional character than in appearance like the Dutch German Shepherd breed. And so I succeed. Both he and the trainers found in this breed an intelligent, protective, agile animal with unique characteristics that were perfected after hard training.

Origin of Gene that Produces White Fur

Genetic research from the last century has explained that a theory put forth in 1957 by geneticist Clarence C. Little, in which he explained that his color was probably caused by partial albinism, was overturned by recent findings.

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An analysis was carried out in which the genome of the animal was studied, finding that its white color is due to the presence of a recessive allele E to the extent that it is present in the genes, this being responsible for the cream and white colors found in the coat.

For this reason the offspring of parents whose gene E is present will always be white or cream in color, according to recent scientific findings.

Physical Characteristics of White German Shepherd

For their part, the white german shepherd characteristics are of serious consideration, since it stands out greatly from the rest of the common shepherds that everyone knows very well. It can be described as follows: white swiss german shepherd:


The Swiss White German Shepherd Body has a height ranging 60 cm. His weight is about 30 or 40 kilograms when they are well fed (within limits, without hovering over obesity).

It is a very agile dog but less robust than the rest of the common German shepherds. His good musculature influences his agilityis a bit elongated and with quite strong muscles to fulfill the tasks assigned to it.


Her beautiful eyes are almond-shaped as a general rule, although on some occasions they vary and tend to be light or dark brown.


White Swiss German Shepherd’s ears they are slightly pointed. They are normally held upright, giving them a somewhat wolf-like appearance.


The german shepherd color It is what makes it stand out among all its brothers of this breed. Being a pure breed, its white color is found throughout its body. Its coat of fur is double, so it can be outdoors when low temperatures hit and the length of said fur is long and abundant.

Behavior of White German Shepherd

The behavior of the white German shepherd is very particular since this dog stands out in a great way for the confidence that it manifests in itself. It is a breed that knows the right moment to make use of each of its protective instincts in order to act in favor of its owners.

White German Shepherd dog

Because of each of these important details, the white german shepherd price is usually a bit high varying greatly in cost in each country in which it is sold, since its caretakers do their best to give it the best.

White German Shepherd Character

The giant white german shepherd it stands out for its large size, but also for its unique character. He is playful and very curious by nature. It is a pet that makes itself felt and transmits its moods in every circumstance through moans, barks and growls.

When they socialize very well, they will be trained to distinguish any situation: if it is friends or enemies. On the other hand, it has the great advantage that the white german shepherd is not aggressive towards strangers and is always alert to any situation.

Care for the White German Shepherd

Between the white german shepherd care the following stand out:

Take him to the vet regularly

From an early age the white german shepherd puppy It must be taken to a veterinarian in order to receive the necessary attention even if it is not sick. This regular care will help keep you in good health.

Take him out for a walk

Taking it out for a walk on a regular basis is vital since it is a pet with a lot of energy to channel since it is very active and deserves to be busy, since if it is on the couch at home all the time tends to get sick and lose their abilities because it is not made for it.

How to do it

So a small dose of socialization and exercise can be provided each day in the fresh air either once or twice each day. It is also a good idea for this long haired white german shepherd enroll him in competitions for obedience tests or events that are closely related to grazing activities.

Benefits of having a White German Shepherd as a Pet

On the other hand, its great ability to adapt to many types of environment makes it the perfect pet for the family. purchase a white german shepherd puppy and starting an early socialization with them, makes them the ally of the little ones in the house.

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By doing this, you can be sure that this amazing pet will be neither aggressive nor shy as an adult. without a doubt the best protector and friend of any family who wants the care and at the same time a companion pet since the white german shepherd breeds they are perfect for it, for more information on german shepherds simply visit our https://germanshepherdss.com website.

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