Red German Shepherd Dog Breed Facts & Information

The Red German Shepherd is a beautiful and loyal breed of dog that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is the result of a careful breeding program designed to create a unique type of German Shepherd with unusual red coat color. This breed has all the same characteristics as its traditional black and tan counterparts, but it stands out from other breeds due to its striking reddish hue.

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The Red GSDs are smart, friendly, and have an even temperament that makes them ideal family pets. They require regular exercise and grooming to keep them healthy and happy. In this article, we will discuss the characteristics, size, temperament, and healthcare needs of these lovable furry friends so you can decide if they’re right for you!

Red German Shepherd

The Red German Shepherd is a regular type of German Shepherd but with a red coat. This breed is the result of a breeding program designed to create this type of dog with its unique reddish hue. They have all the same characteristics as traditional black and tan German Shepherds, but they stand out from other breeds because of their eye-catching color.

Most German Shepherds are black or brown and tan, but the red German Shepherd has a unique reddish or orange hue to its coat. This is why Red German Shepherds are so popular and sought after- they stand out from the crowd! Red German Shepherds have a medium to long coat that is thick, straight, and dense. They are usually slightly larger than their traditional black and tan counterparts.


Red German Shepherds are medium to large dogs. The average size of a Red German Shepherd is 23-25 inches (58-63 cm) at the withers for males and 22-24 inches at the withers for females. They typically weigh between 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg).

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Red German Shepherd puppy is typically born with a lighter coat color, usually tan or cream, and as they get older their coat darkens to a reddish hue. Once they grow from the puppy phase to the adult phase, their ears will start standing too. Know How do German Shepherds ears stand up in detail.


Red German Shepherds possess a double coat, with an outer coat that is thick and straight, and an inner coat that is dense and soft. The outer coat is medium to long in length and the inner coat is short.


Red German Shepherds have an even temperament that makes them perfect family pets. They are loyal, gentle, and intelligent with a friendly attitude towards their owners. They are also very active dogs and will require regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. If you are someone who loves outdoor activities, then this breed is a great choice for you!


Red German Shepherds are generally considered to be a healthy breed, but they can suffer from certain hereditary health conditions such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. It is important to have your Red German Shepherd examined by a veterinarian regularly and to provide them with regular exercise and grooming. This will help keep them healthy and happy for many years.

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Exercise & Training

Just like other German Shepherd breeds, these dogs require regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. They are a very active breed that needs plenty of outdoor activities such as running, fetching, and hiking to keep them happy. They should also receive regular training sessions to ensure that they are obedient and well-behaved.


Red German Shepherds are active dogs and require a diet that consists of high-quality dog food, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meats. They should be fed two meals a day and given plenty of fresh, clean water. Royal Canin is a great brand for GSDs. You can check out this Royal Canin German Shepherd dog food review and decide whether or not it is good for your pup.


Caring for a Red GSD is not difficult if you have the right tools and knowledge. They need to be groomed regularly, given plenty of exercises and mental stimulation, and taken for regular veterinary check-ups. With proper care, a Red German Shepherd will be a loyal and loving companion for many years to come.

Red German Shepherds make wonderful family pets and are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and even temperament. These dogs are perfect for active households and require regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. With the right care, a Red German Shepherd can be a loyal companion for many years.


We hope this article has been helpful in understanding the characteristics, size, temperament, and healthcare needs of Red GSD dogs. If you are looking for a loyal pet, then consider adding a Red German Shepherd to your family! Thanks for reading! Keep visiting GermanShepherdss for more interesting and useful guides.

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