How to teach my dog ​​not to bark?

How to teach my dog ​​not to bark? Some dogs can bark for a long period of time at a person or object, this can be for a number of reasons. By barking the dog may want to communicate to us that there is some danger or that there is for him. This can cause all the dogs in the neighborhood to join in the danger warning and bark, which can be very annoying.
how to teach my dog ​​not to bark

It may also be that the dog feels lonely or scared and starts barking when people, motorcycles or other dogs pass nearby.

tired german shepherd

How we should not react

We shouldn’t yell at the dog this is mainly for chow chow german shepherd mix. Since this will make her understand that she achieved her goal and received the desired attention. Nor should we be embarrassed and let him enter the house since he will believe that we reward him for barking, this will cause him to bark again every time he wants to enter.

How should we act before barking?

There are many ways to act when our dog barks insistently:

  • A good option is throw water or something that generates a lot of noise near him, always keeping us out of the dog’s point of view. If he calms down, we reward him with treats, caresses, etc. It is recommended to repeat this until the dog learns not to bark insistently.
  • Order him not to bark with words such as “silence” or “stop” are very useful. We can order this by carrying in our hands something that the animal wants, such as a treat or his favorite toy. When the dog shuts up we will reward him. In this way, the dog will gradually begin to associate the word “silence” as something good.
  • Another very useful method is ignore the dog when he barks a lot At first the animal will bark incessantly, but over time it will realize that barking does not serve its interests and frustration will make it give up the habit.
  • We can also every time the dog barks because other dogs or people are nearby lock him up or put him in a separate roomin this way he will conclude that it is not good for him to bark since every time he barks he is pushed aside and the visit is lost.

Exercise is very important

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Excessive energy can also cause your dog to bark insistently. It is advisable take the dog to a park or open space where there are more dogs where you can run and play to release energy.

Sometimes many dogs bark because they are bored. Some breeds need more company, such is the case of German shepherds, in pet stores you can get toys for mental stimulation.


We recommend contacting a trainer, who will be perfectly qualified to analyze the characteristics of the dog, in this way they can advise us on what will be the best option for our pet to stop barking also see best shock collar for german shepherd. All dogs are different and the cause of their barking can vary

There are general rules that we can follow for all variants:

  • Promote relaxation of the dog. When the dog is calm, it is good to pet him and show him affection, in this way he will associate that being in that state is okay.
  • Commands such as “silence” or “stop” work in this case.
  • Exercising and going for a walk eliminates stress.
  • If we notice that the dog is anxious, it is advisable to move him to a quiet place where you feel most comfortable.
  • If the dog does not want to be in the company of dogs or people, do not force it.
  • In your daily walk you have to let the dog enjoy the ridebe calm and go as you please without rushing it.
  • If we don’t go to places where there are more dogs and the animal is very sociable, we should dedicate hours of entertainment at home.

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