How To Get Rid of German Shepherd Odor

German Shepherds can be very smelly. Whether it’s their coat or their breath, German Shepherds often have a bad odor that’s hard to ignore. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the smell of your German Shepherd and keep them smelling fresh!

 how to get rid of german shepherd odor

In this article, we will explore why German Shepherd smells bad, as well as German Shepherd odor remedies that will help you get rid of the smell. Let’s dive in! Keep reading to learn more about how to get rid of German Shepherd odor.

How To Get Rid of German Shepherd Odor

German Shepherds have a unique smell that can be off-putting for some people. The smell is most likely due to the oils and bacteria on their skin, as well as their fur. German Shepherds are also prone to excessive shedding, which can contribute to German Shepherd odor production.

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce the German Shepherd odor. Regular brushing, bathing, and trimming can help get rid of odor, as well as practicing good dental hygiene and feeding them a healthy diet.

Making sure to keep their bedding clean can also help reduce any unpleasant odors. With these tips and tricks, you can help keep your German Shepherd smelling fresh and clean! Here are some tips for getting rid of German Shepherd odor:

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Regular brushing will help remove dirt and shedding fur from your dog’s coat, which can reduce odor. You should brush your dog at least once a week with a bristle or slicker brush to keep their coat clean and odor free.

 why german shepherd smells bad

Make sure you use the right tools for the job. A metal comb can be helpful to remove mats and tangles in long-haired German Shepherds, while a pin brush may be better for short-haired breeds. Also, know who is the Biggest German Shepherd in the world.

Bathe Your Dog Regularly

In addition to regular brushing, bathing your dog at least once a month will help keep their coat clean. Bathing your German Shepherd frequently will help get rid of any odors on their fur or skin. Be sure to use a specially formulated dog shampoo when bathing them, and rinse thoroughly. If possible, try to bathe your dog outside so the smell doesn’t linger in your home.

Use Hydrated Skin Dog Shampoo

If your dog is smelling particularly bad, it might be time to give them a bath. Make sure you use a shampoo specifically designed for dogs with hydrated skin, as this will help maintain the balance of natural oils on their skin. Avoid human shampoos, which can strip the natural oils and make your dog smell worse.

Dry Your Dog Thoroughly

After your dog’s bath, make sure you dry them off thoroughly. Use a clean towel or a pet dryer to remove any excess water from their coat and skin. If you don’t dry your dog properly, it could end up with a damp dog smell.

Practice Good Dental Hygiene

Poor dental hygiene can cause bad breath, which can lead to an unpleasant smell from your dog. Make sure to brush your German Shepherd’s teeth regularly and visit the vet for professional cleanings if necessary.

 How to get rid of german shepherd odor on carpet

You can find various dog toothpaste and brushes at your local pet store. Ask your vet for advice on which products are best for your dog.

Trim Excess Hair

If your German Shepherd has long hair, you may need to trim or shave it to reduce odor. Excess fur can trap dirt and bacteria, which can cause an unpleasant smell. Regular trims will help keep their coat clean and reduce odor.

A lot of people also opt to shave their German Shepherds in the warmer months, which can help keep them cooler and smelling fresher. Crossbreeds like German Shepherd mixed Border Collie have thick fur so they require special attention.

Pay Attention To Their Diet

A healthy diet can help reduce your German Shepherd odor. Make sure they are getting the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in their diet. Avoid feeding them table scraps or other unhealthy foods as this can contribute to bad breath and a smelly coat.

Keep Their Bed Clean

Dirt and bacteria can build up on your German Shepherd’s bed, which can contribute to bad odors. Make sure to regularly clean their bedding and vacuum the surrounding area to get rid of any dirt or bacteria that might be contributing to your dog’s odor.


German Shepherds are beautiful and loyal companions, but unfortunately, they can have a strong smell. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the German Shepherd odor and keep them smelling fresh. If you have any questions about how to get rid of German Shepherd odor, please consult with your veterinarian. You can also reach out to us at! We will be happy to help.

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