Do German Shepherds have Good temperament?

The German Shepherd Temperament is an extremely loyal and intelligent dog. However, his temperament has other remarkable characteristics

The German Shepherd was created as a working dog. and it is frequently associated with tasks such as police dog, security tasks and as a guard dog, although originally and as its name indicates it was dedicated to the tasks of grazing and guarding herds of cattle.

German Shepherd Temperament

However, the German shepherd, unlike other breeds dedicated to grazing such as mastiffs or other breeds, adapts very well to family life and can live in a domestic house without major complications, provided that it is provided with adequate exercise and the dog is properly socialized.

The German Shepherd can be an excellent pet. for several reasons among which we highlight their loyalty, their ease of learning and their desire to be with their masters.

If you are wondering about what a German Shepherd can bring you as a pet, in this article we are going to look at describing in more depth some of its basic personality traits and its temperament in general.

Guardian Instinct of German Shepherd Temperament

The German Shepherd Temperament is a breed of dog widely used as a guard dog. in all kinds of situations, such as in police work, in security companies, inside homes and on rural farms.

German Shepherd Temperament are territorial dogs. and they soon become familiar with the boundaries of the area they consider their own, often independently patrolling this area on the lookout for intruders, other dogs, or any situation they may consider a potential problem. If they see something that alerts them, they will bark and make a racket, both to inform their owners of the situation they consider anomalous and as a deterrent to potential intruders.

So if a German shepherd is going to live in a domestic home it is vital that the dog is well socialized with people and other animals from puppyhood, and be well-trained in the limits of what is acceptable behavior when they come into contact with someone or something new.

German Shepherd temperament

The German Shepherd, a dog with superior intelligence

Intelligence is one of the distinctive traits of the German Shepherd’s temperament. This breed is ranked in the top five in terms of canine intelligence, let’s not forget that intelligence is essential to making an effective working dog. Only the most intelligent breeds of dogs are suitable as working dogs and the German Shepherd was initially born as a working breed.

That the German shepherd has a high degree of intelligence This implies that it can be trained to retain and repeat a wide range of commands, however this high intelligence does not make the German Shepherd easy to train. Smart dogs can be complex and challenging, and can be a step ahead of their trainer in terms of picking up bad habits or learning things by mistake.

They are also likely to get bored easily from repetitive training, and will not thrive unless they are kept active and presented with new and challenging challenges. Also check are german shepherds good with cats.

German Shepherds and boredom

As we mentioned before, a very intelligent dog like the German Shepherd Temperament needs an active lifestyle to keep both your mind and body active.

While the dog will also be happy relaxing around the house and with his family, this breed of dog needs daily exercise and active activities to keep him entertained. In his day to day, he can never miss the daily walk or jogging session with his master.

German Shepherd Temperament is incredibly versatile dogs and can be your best companion in your daily exercise session (running, walking, etc) in this way the dog will stay active and entertained.

Herding traits

German Shepherds have been widely used throughout their history as herding dogs being used in herding duties, an instinct they still retain as a built-in character trait. This means that your dog may need careful supervision if he is to have contact with any type of livestock, and it is not uncommon to see the German Shepherd trying to “herd” other pets or animals.

The prey drive

German Shepherds were originally bred to protect and help manage herds of cattle. Therefore, like all dogs dedicated to herding and hunting, it has a strong prey drive.

This characteristic of the German Shepherd Temperament must be taken into account within the domestic environment and must be handled properly since the dog is a puppy so that it does not pose any type of danger to other domestic animals that live in the same family environment as it.

Loyalty and attachment to their masters

German shepherd dogs are among the most loyal dog breeds, and are shown to be closely united with all members of their family.

The dog will consider the smallest of the family and other pets as part of his pack, and will defend and protect them against any danger.

German Shepherd Temperament are usually very wary and attentive in the presence of strangers, and it can take a while for them to get acquainted with people they don’t know. Nevertheless, Once you have earned their trust, the German Shepherd will always be loyal to you and behave like your best friend.

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