DWARF German Shepherd Health, Character and size

The dwarf german shepherd dogs are either miniature german shepherds. They are the same breed of the so-called giant German shepherd, but in these, a genetic factor acts that makes them smaller; as in humans they suffer from dwarfism. They can be quickly distinguished from a German Shepherd puppy by their behavior.

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Dwarf German Shepherd

Origin of Dwarf Breed

The dwarf german shepherd as it has come to be known is not a breed apart from the one already known as the German shepherd, that is, a variety of it, which has been sought by means of crossing to establish it as such. If not that these little are victims of a genetic factor that determines their size and build.

This genetic factor that makes the miniature German shepherd, sadly it also accompanies it with health problems What do you require? They won’t care, but what pet doesn’t need it. happily, in the mini German shepherd they do not change the many qualities of behavior and loyalty that characterize the breed.

Physical Characteristics of Dwarf German Shepherd

Characteristics found in the Miniature German Shepherd dog breed, almost like the Panda German Shepherd. Due to its rare genetic factor, are not very common or known, maybe it’s the first time you’ve heard of them. It should be noted that their physical characteristics can be inherited, so it is possible that many who plan to have mini dogs look for pups from a dwarf male.

Between the physical features that can be found you can see the following in dwarf german shepherd.


This being the most obvious, you can start with the most obvious: its size. While a German Shepherd dog without dwarfism averages 62-65 centimeters tall, a Miniature German Shepherd averages 24-30 centimeters in its height in the race as such the female is smaller than the male.

It also contains a muscular body, although it does not possess the same ease and agility as its counterpart, its short legs have a strength that for another animal of its size would be unusual.

dwarf german shepherd dog


His eyes in daylight can be distinguished as emerald or hazelnut color usually of a dark tone and at nightfall, they give off a shine with the reflection of the moon that seem to come out of a horror movie a very intense bright green.


His ears show always upright with a triangular shape and it is one of the aspects that they share with their larger counterparts and that distinguish them as a breed, it is difficult for a person not to recognize the German Shepherd breed just by seeing their triangular ears.


Its fur is soft and longer on its back and tail. And on some occasions, especially in low climates, they can be seen, with long tufts in their ears.

The color of its fur is distinguished by being two that are degrading and combining until it achieves a black mantle and a light brown or darker area on its snout, you can notice shorter and rougher hair with a characteristic mole on the side of its face.

german shepherd dwarf

Dwarf German Shepherd Behavior

Much can be said of his behavior. A breed that is known and trained to serve as (guide dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs, ideal for company). It should be noted that its behavior does not vary at all with its larger counterpart, they are loyal, affectionate, protective, playful and noble.

It is not necessary to think that their dwarfism is a problem that affects their behavior, unlike dogs that need a little more care tend to form closer and stronger bonds with their caregivers, also know on husky german shepherd mix. In such a way that their behavior, instead of making them a problem, makes them ideal companions that any user would like to have around.

Dwarf German Shepherd Character

Dwarf German Shepherd dogs are¬†characterized by being very pampered, and playful many times demonstrating, although his size manages to deceive, to have the necessary qualities to become all leaders of the pack. Therefore, they will often try to dominate in the user’s home.

Due to their peaceful behavior, they will not be looking for fights with other larger dogs or their height. Due to his physical gifts, among which is a very powerful sense of smell, it will be very difficult to hide a sandwich from him, no matter where he puts it, he will be able to detect it, they are not trained to be sniffer dogs for nothing.

A characteristic fact in this and other breeds of dogs is that unlike humans. Your nose has receptors with which they can detect the contents of a person’s stomach, and distinguish the different foods separately that the user ingested there

Dwarf German Shepherd Care

To the dogs of the breed Miniature German Shepherd they must be kept in a constant routine of care and check-up, with canine health professionals. Well, sadly because of her genetic problems, yes.they are usually affected with other diseases as a consequence of dwarfism some of them are:

Problems that accompany dwarfism

Sterility: does not occur in all cases

Hair loss in abundance: It is usual for dogs to grow hair, but here it refers to something that happens normally)

Benefits of having a Dwarf German Shepherd as a pet

Among the benefits of having a Mini German Shepherd as a pet is its incredible characteristics, which it maintains and with which the breed is known, it is advantageous that man’s best friend is close to him, taking care of him and keeping him company. On the other hand, the fact that a little more care should be given to these will produce a good result personally.

It will have a good effect on the character and qualities of the person, because they will become more human and will even be able to overcome prejudices of any kind, because they will understand that having a certain disability does not restrict anything or anyone from giving joy and company, for more information, simply visit our germanshepherdss.com website. reason enough not to underestimate this beautiful breed of miniature dogs.

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