10 Month Old German Shepherd: Everything You Need To Know

Are you a proud owner of a 10 month old German Shepherd? If so, congratulations! You have a loyal, intelligent, and loving companion by your side. German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and for good reason. These formidable pups are known for their work ethic and their unwavering loyalty to their owners.

10 month old german shepherd

In this comprehensive blog post, we will delve into everything you need to know about your 10 month old German Shepherd. From their physical and behavioral development to training tips and health concerns, we have got you covered.

10 Month Old German Shepherd

As your German Shepherd approaches the 10-month mark, you may be wondering what to expect from your furry friend. Are they fully grown? What kind of training should you be focusing on? How can you ensure that they stay healthy and happy? These are all valid questions that every German Shepherd owner should consider.

10 month old german shepherd weight

Whether you are a seasoned German Shepherd owner or a first-time dog parent, this guide will offer valuable insights and practical advice that you can apply to your pup’s care. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to learn all about your furry best friend.


A 10 month old German Shepherd weight ranges from 45 to 90 pounds. They usually weigh between 45-90 pounds and grow to a height of about 24-26 inches. They need lots of physical and mental exercise to stay healthy and happy, so it is important to provide them with an adequate amount of daily exercise.


A 10 month old German Shepherd is an active and energetic breed that requires proper training and exercise regimen to keep it healthy and happy. This can include jogging, playing, and even swimming. Training is also essential for a German Shepherd at this age.

They need to learn basic obedience commands, as well as housebreaking so that they can become well-mannered pets. You should also know how much space does a German Shepherd need in order to have a proper training routine.

Health Care

When it comes to health care, German Shepherds need regular check-ups, vaccinations, and deworming. They are also prone to hip dysplasia, so it is important to keep an eye on their hips and make sure they are staying healthy.

Proper socialization is also important so that they can learn to interact well with other animals and people. Finally, regular exercise and mental stimulation are key to keeping them healthy and well-behaved.


Other needs for a 10 month old German Shepherd include regular grooming, nail trimming, and dental care. Additionally, they need to be kept in a safe and secure environment where they can get plenty of love and attention.


Diet is an important factor for German Shepherds. A balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals is essential for their growth and development. It is important to feed them high-quality dog food that is designed to meet their nutritional needs. Know can German Shepherd eat strawberry or not.

10 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior

At 10 months old, a German Shepherd is typically a mature, fully grown adult. They have a naturally inquisitive nature, so they will often try to explore their surroundings and gain a better understanding of their environment.

They are a highly active breed, requiring daily exercise and mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. As a working breed, they will also benefit from having a job, such as agility training to keep their minds and bodies occupied.

10 Month Old German Shepherd Behavior

At this age, a German Shepherd should be well socialized, meaning they have had regular exposure to new people, animals, and other settings. This will help them become more confident in unfamiliar situations and also have a better understanding of how to interact with others.

They may show signs of excitement when meeting new people, such as tail wagging, but should not be aggressive. With proper training and socialization, they can become a friendly, loyal companion. As a highly intelligent and active breed, German Shepherds thrive when given lots of physical and mental stimulation.

They need plenty of exercises and should be taken for regular walks or jogs to stay healthy. They should also be given adequate opportunities to engage in activities such as obedience training and agility training, as this help to keep their minds stimulated and active.

Final Words

That was all about taking care of a 10 month old German Shepherd. With proper care and training, a 10 month old German Shepherd can be a loving and loyal companion and even an ideal working dog. Take good care of his or her diet since it’s your pet’s most crucial stage of growth. If you have any question, feel free to ask us. Visit us at German Shepherdss to check out our other articles.

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