Great Dane German Shepherd Mix: Everything You Need To Know

The Great Dane German Shepherd Mix is a popular hybrid breed known for its loyal and intelligent personality. This breed is an ideal choice for those looking for a large, active companion that can be both protective and loving.

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

With its unique combination of physical characteristics, coat type, temperament, health needs, diet requirements, and care demands – this guide will give you all the information you need to know about the Great Dane German Shepherd mix! Read on to find out more about these wonderful dogs so you can decide if they are right for your family.

Great Dane German Shepherd Mix

Great Dane and German Shepherd are two powerful and large dog breeds, and when combined they create a robust hybrid breed that has the potential to be an amazing companion. The Great Dane German Shepherd mix is also known as the Dane Shepherd or Great Shepherd and is medium-large in size with a strong build. They have a life expectancy of 8 – 12 years and moderate to high energy levels.

The Great Dane mixed with German Shepherd is loyal and loving and makes an ideal family pet for those who are active and enjoy outdoor activities. They tend to form strong bonds with their owners and can be protective. If you’re looking for a devoted companion dog that loves snuggling up on the couch, then this breed could be the perfect fit.

Physical Characteristics

The Great Dane and German Shepherd mix has a unique look, combining traits from both parent breeds. They usually grow to a height of 28 to 30 inches and can weigh anywhere between 65 pounds and 130 pounds. With the right nutrition, exercise, and training they can become your lifetime best friend.

 great dane and german shepherd mix

They have the signature long snout, erect ears, and boxy head of a Great Dane, but with the muscular build, broad chest, and agile stance of a German Shepherd. This breed is also known for being slightly longer than it is tall, with a straight back and powerful hindquarters.


The Great Dane German Shepherd mix has a medium-length double coat that can vary in color. Common coat colors include black, brown, red, cream, and brindle. The coat requires weekly brushing and occasional baths to keep it looking shiny and healthy.


This breed is known for being loyal, intelligent, and protective of its family. They are devoted to their owners and form strong bonds with them. Great Dane German Shepherds are also alert and aware of their surroundings, making them excellent guard dogs.

These dogs are gentle for their huge size and can get along with children when socialized correctly. They require a big collar and strong enough owners to handle them. You can buy the Best Collars for German Shepherd here.


The Great Dane German Shepherd mix is a generally healthy breed with few genetic health conditions. However, they can be prone to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, and bloat. It is important to feed them a balanced diet and ensure they get plenty of exercise. Also, make sure the dog was vaccinated and dewormed as a puppy.

great dane german shepherd mix lifespan


This breed requires a high-quality diet that is high in protein and includes essential vitamins and minerals for their size and energy levels. Your veterinarian can recommend a suitable nutritional plan for your Great Dane German Shepherd mix.

You should also provide plenty of fresh, clean water at all times. Provide them with the right nutrition, plenty of exercise, and socialization and you’ll have a loving companion for life.


The Great Dane German Shepherd mix is an active breed and needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Daily walks, playtime in the backyard, and trips to the park are all excellent ways to keep your pup active and you can also try Schutzhund training.

This breed loves to be around their family and will do best in a home where they can spend plenty of time socializing.

Are German Shepherd Mix Great Dane Dogs Good To Adopt?

If you prefer a large, devoted, and loyal companion who loves to be around their family and enjoys outdoor activities, then a Great Dane German Shepherd mix is an excellent choice. They are intelligent, and protective, and tend to form strong bonds with their owners.

german shepherd mix great dane

How Big Will a German Shepherd Great Dane Mix Get?

A Great Dane mix with German Shepherd dog will typically have a long, muscular build and can be quite large. They usually inherit the powerful legs of their Great Dane parent along with the broad chest of the German Shepherd parent. On average, these dogs grow up to be about 28-30 inches in height and can weigh anywhere from 65-130 lbs as an adult.

Final Words

The Great Dane German Shepherd mix is a loyal, loving companion that can be an amazing addition to any family. If you’re looking for a devoted and protective companion, the Great Dane German Shepherd mix could be the perfect match for your family. We hope this guide helped you know more about this special breed. For more information, reach out to German Shepherdss. Thanks for reading!

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