Coyote German Shepherd Mix Origin & Characteristics

If you’re a German Shepherd lover, you may have heard about the Coyote German Shepherd Mix. This mixed breed has become increasingly popular for many reasons, from their adorable appearance to their remarkable personalities.

coyote german shepherd mix

If you’re considering adopting a Coyote German Shepherd Mix, read on as we’ll provide you with all the essential information you need to know about this fascinating breed. Know everything from their physical characteristics to temperament, their health care to grooming needs, and more below.

Coyote German Shepherd Mix

Both Coyote and German Shepherd are popular dog breeds. In fact, Coyote dogs are so similar to German Shepherds that the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes them both as a single breed. A German Shepherd Coyote Mix is a cross between these two breeds, combining the intelligence and loyalty of German Shepherds with the courage and playfulness of Coyotes.

The Coyote German Shepherd mix dogs are called Coydogs. They come in various sizes and colors, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a unique and interesting pup. Additionally, they are low maintenance and healthy, making them a great family pet. If you’re considering adopting a Coyote German Shepherd Mix, ensure that you have the time and energy to devote to them.

Origin and Appearance

The Coyote German Shepherd Mix is a crossbreed between the German Shepherd and the Western Coyote. This breed is fairly new and has only become popular in recent years. One of the most defining traits of this mix is their appearance- they are often known for their unusual coat, which is usually grayish-brown in color, similar to that of a coyote.

german shepherd coyote mix

Physical Characteristics

Coyote German Shepherd mix dogs are usually medium to large-sized dogs. An average Coyote German Shepherd puppy weighs around 50-75 pounds when fully grown. They have strong limbs and a deep chest, giving them the appearance of a robust and powerful dog. These dogs can grow up to 24 inches tall and are known for their thick fur which helps keep them warm in cold climates.


One of the most remarkable traits of the Coyote German Shepherd Mix is its personality. They are loyal, affectionate, and highly protective of their owners- just like their purebred German Shepherd counterparts. This mix is also intelligent and highly trainable, making them great for a variety of tasks, from search and rescue to as a family pet.


The Coyote German Shepherd Mix requires regular grooming to maintain their coat. They shed moderately and require brushing once a week to keep their coat manageable and glossy. This breed also requires regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Their high energy means that they need plenty of time outdoors and daily exercise to burn off energy.


The health of the Coyote German Shepherd Mix is dependent on several factors, including genetics, environment, and diet. This breed is known for being hardy and resilient. However, they may be prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia and heart problems. It’s crucial for owners to keep regular vet appointments and maintain a healthy diet to keep their furry friend in good health.

Exercise Needs

The Coyote German Shepherd Mix is a very active dog that requires plenty of exercise. This breed needs at least an hour-long daily walk or jogging session, as well as additional activities such as running and swimming. This will help to keep their minds active and their energy levels regulated.

coyote vs german shepherd

Training and Socialization

Your Coyote German Shepherd Mix will need to be trained and socialized from a young age. This mixed breed is highly intelligent and can quickly learn new commands, but they do require consistency and patience. It’s important to start training them early so that they can understand the boundaries of your home and their place in it. Socialization with other animals and people is essential for this breed to ensure that they remain friendly and obedient.


The Coyote German Shepherd Mix requires a high-quality, balanced diet that is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. This breed needs regular meals of lean meats such as chicken or fish, along with healthy vegetables and grains. It’s important to avoid overfeeding your pup and provide them with the right nutrients for optimal health.

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In conclusion, the Coyote German Shepherd Mix is a unique and fascinating breed that is gaining in popularity. Become a loving and dedicated owner of one of the most fascinating breeds around and don’t hesitate to ask for help from German Shepherdss at any step of your parenting. We will be happy to help. Thanks for reading!

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