Types of German Shepherd Coats: Different Coats of German Shepherds

types of german shepherd coats

There are many types of German Shepherd coats. German Shepherds are great dogs for many different types of families. They are intelligent, loyal, and make great protectors. German Shepherds come in a variety of coat types that can make them more or less hypoallergenic. Each coat has its own unique purpose and benefits. In this … Read more

Black German Shepherd Health, Care, Character and size

Black German Shepherd

The black german shepherd It is one of the most striking German shepherd breeds for people. One of the reasons is because of their beautiful coat, which is all black and kept shiny. In addition, it has temperament characteristics that make it an ideal animal to serve as a companion. It turns out to be … Read more

DWARF German Shepherd Health, Character and size

The dwarf german shepherd dogs are either miniature german shepherds. They are the same breed of the so-called giant German shepherd, but in these, a genetic factor acts that makes them smaller; as in humans they suffer from dwarfism. They can be quickly distinguished from a German Shepherd puppy by their behavior. Learn more about … Read more

White German Shepherd Care, Health, Character and size

The white German shepherd is a beautiful dog that stands out for its elegance and nobility in addition to having other important skills such as an animal for work due to its excellent physical consistency and intelligence. Learn more about other types of German Shepherds. How is the White German Shepherd? There are numerous popular … Read more

Long Hair German Shepherd Character, Health and size

Within the varieties of the German shepherd, the long hair German shepherd dog with the long hair is an incomparable specimen also called by many as alsatian sheepdog referring to the region of Alsace, France. Its main characteristic is its long fur. This being also its most distinctive difference compared to the rest of the … Read more

Panda German Shepherd Characteristics, Color, Size and Character

The panda german shepherd dog is a beautiful species whose genetic mutation gives rise to one of the most beautiful animals and quoted since 1 out of every thousand german shepherd dogs It has this peculiarity, making it unique in its kind: a true beauty of nature. More information on the other types of German … Read more

Dutch German Shepherd Features, Character and Size

The Dutch German Shepherd is a beautiful species that was originally used by shepherds in the Netherlands for agricultural work. Intelligent and highly trainable, today it is often used as a guard dog, police dog, and often as a beloved family companion. Learn more about the different types of German Shepherd. Origin of the Dutch … Read more